I review self published writers

Why I review: I am a self published author and I understand how difficult and important it is to get reviews, not only for feed back purposes, but for ranking. Everyone looks at reviews, unfortunatly most readers don’t leave them.

Review policy: I read action/thriller novels and espionage. If your book has strong characters, an original plot and fast paced realistic action send it my way. I only review novels that I want to read. I only give three star reviews and higher. I post on my blog and to Amazon and Good reads.

How to send: You can gift me a kindle version, or send a PDF. If you are on Kindle unlimited, let me know. contact: Tecatekjones(at)yahoo(.)com

How I choose: E-mail a one page synopsis as well as the first two chapters in any format digitally. Don’t have the room for print books.

AND? If I am interested, I will get back to you. I have a full time job so I have to be picky. I am here to help promote my fellow writers, so I only want to say good things! Peace out!

Visit my web site for details!


new book by James Garmisch
new book by James Garmisch Silver lead and Dead

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